Arina Sobolenko vs Hsieh Su-wei – 1/14/20 WTA Cup Tennis Computer Picks, Odds & Prediction

Arina Sobolenko vs Hsieh Su-wei – 1/14/20 WTA Cup Tennis Computer Picks, Odds & Prediction

In the opening match of the competition in Adelaide on January 14, Sobolenko will play against Xie Su-Wei, whom she couldn’t overcome in two personal meetings.

Arina Sobolenko

A week ago, a Belarusian tennis player in Shenzhen couldn’t safeguard the title. After the main match with a triumph of (6-3), (6-0) over Gasparyan, it previously appeared that Arina was in immaculate request. In any case, the ensuing game with Kristina Plishkova (4-6, 4-6) laid out the issues. We can say that it was unfortunate that didn’t understand numerous open doors for breaks. Simultaneously, toward the beginning of the period, a long way from the most steady tennis Arina exhibited against the foundation of a fairly clear adversary.

Hsieh Su-wei

The past two seasons, Xie Soo-Wei exhibited great status for beginning competitions. A year ago, she arrived at the semifinals at the absolute first competition in Auckland. A year sooner, she was likewise in the Auckland semi-finals. This time, Xie Su-Wei appeared for the Brisbane competition. It didn’t work out to show something genuine in the game with Contaveit (4-6, 1-6). Anette attempted to play profoundly; Xie Su-Wei’s blows didn’t cause her any significant issues. In the subsequent portion, she was unmistakably not in the mind-set for Xie Su-Wei. Presently she will play against Sobolenko, who, in the way of the game, is considerably more at risk and wrong. This may well give way to the schemes of Xie Su-Wei.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • In two personal meetings, Xie Su-Wei won.
  • Since last year, in pre-helmet tournaments, Sobolenko has unprotected points for the Shenzhen title.
  • Xie Soo-Wei from last year has unprotected points for the Auckland semi-final and Sydney’s second round.

Arina Sobolenko vs Hsieh Su-wei Prediction

Xie Su-Wei has an exceptional technique of striking, which is clearly badly designed for some opponents. Sobolenko was not able beat the present adversary neither on the ground in Rome in 2018 nor on the grass in Birmingham in 2019. Bookmakers lead Arina as the unmistakable most loved of the match. Xie Su-Wei won’t surrender the match without a battle. Likewise, according to the competition in Shenzhen, Arina herself is a long way from optimal shape now.

Pick: Hsieh Su-wei

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