Mets vs. Braves MLB Pick – August 14th

The New York Mets went to a monster run to enter the wildcard search in the National League and they can’t afford to unwind. They dug a large enough hole for themselves a 16-1 run isn’t going to cut it. While it was an impressive job by the Mets, they’re not even in the Wild Card Game if this was now. They would not even be the very first team out. The Mets would complete the season 2 games back of the postseason, whereas the Nationals and Cardinals determine who moves on to another round. Since going 16-1, the Mets have dropped their last two games. They failed to finish off the Nationals with a sweep and then had problems against the Braves on Tuesday night. Max Fried gather a stellar performance, as he outpitched Zack Wheeler to your triumph. The Mets had to be the very bet underdog about the card yesterday evening. Everyone has been falling in love with them, but future success is not guaranteed because of the tremendous effort. That said, the National League wildcard race is wide open and the Mets have the best rotation out of those teams vying for a place. The Braves do not have to mess around with wildcards and have the inside track to securing the top place in the NL East. They are holding on a 6-game lead in the and do not appear to be letting go of it, but a lot could change in a hurry. The Nationals continue to be alive and have a puncher’s chance at devoting six matches. Even the Braves’ bullpen have had issues, therefore their relievers crumbling down the stretch would be what the Nationals need. Dallas Keuchel expects to get a good deal of innings before needing to visit the bullpen tonight. Keuchel gets the nod against Steven Matz of the Mets on Wednesday evening in SunTrust Park. Betting odds offered by The Braves have reacted well after blowing off a 4-run lead to the 9th against the Marlins on Saturday. In what had been their most debilitating loss of the year, the bullpen completely dropped and allowed a 6-2 lead turn into a 7-6 loss. Fantastic teams know how to bounce back from barbarous losses, though, and the Braves figured out it and have won the two matches since with a score of 5-4 and 5-3. They obtained solid starts from Foltynewicz and Fried in back excursions. Foltynewicz getting into shape for the final stretch of the regular season and playoffs would be huge to the Braves. He’s been off the mark from last year, however, Atlanta could get a massive boost if he is able to flip it around. Keuchel was sporadic since signing up with the Braves. The company will be searching for more with games getting more important. In any event, Keuchel has excelled in the home with the ERA of 2.96 and also 0.84 WHIP in 27.1 innings of work. He has not allowed more than 3 runs in an endeavor at home so far. He has been decent against this Mets roster before, holding them to some .254 average in 181 at-bats. Matz hasn’t had as much success, together with all the Braves hitting .292 with a .366 OBP and 17 runs scored in 120 at-bats. The Mets have scored just 3 runs in 61 more appearances at the plate against Keuchel. Matz has never been this best on the road. He’s been terrible actually. As a visiting hurler, Matz has posted a 6.79 ERA and 1.67 WHIP in 55.2 innings of work. He’s surrendered 16 long chunks in contrast to 4 in Citi Field at Queens. Variance is Very Likely to last Wednesday for the Mets, as they fall into the Braves in SunTrust Park for a second consecutive day.

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