Let’s get deeper into the NBA basketball betting industry


Probably, there’s any sports fan in the world that has ever doubted the popularity of the NBA in the USA and in the rest of the world. Basketball attracts fans with its spectacular activity, powerful attacks, and strong defense. Started from emerging online betting popularity at the beginning of the 1990’s NBA has also become a magnet for fans’ emotions. 

Mostly, the regular season consists of approximate 82 baseball matches and quite intensive playoffs. However, before starting your betting experience it is extremely important and inevitable to choose the appropriate NBA betting platform. Our experts have compiled a trustable overview of the most reliable sports betting platforms in the industry for your convenience. We’ve considered such aspects as payment software, credibility, positive and negative reviews, ratings, winning coefficients and many more. Hopefully, this review will be useful for bettors with low and high experience.

As mentioned earlier in our article, despite the tremendous diversity of best betting NBA basketball sites it is better to rely on our proposed list of platforms. It will give you a whole picture of the current basketball betting industry including various aspects like credibility, ratings, and other inevitably important nuances. To cut a long story short, these websites will allow you to make efficient and profitable bets from every place of the world, whether you’re lying at the beach or at your convenient sofa with any of your gadgets. Here comes the list of the most popular and reliable platforms for basketball fans and bettors.


The first platform that is suitable for basketball fans in terms of popularity and other key aspects is Betway. It includes a tremendously wide range of sports apart from Basketball like American Football, Rugby, Soccer, Racing, Tennis, etc. Betway proposes a high level of compatibility and it’s the first feature that really distinguishes Betway from other competitors in the market. It allows bettors to bet wherever and whenever they want to. The baseball betting process might be available on your PC, Laptop, Tablet, and other imaginable gadgets. Other key nuances of the platform like customer support service, speed of financial transactions, rating, etc are also on a senior level.


Betonline betting provider is extremely compatible with most of the popular gadget that allows you to enjoy making odds on your favorite basketball matches from every place of the planet. Moreover, BetOnline considered being one of the most popular platforms in the betting industry. Along with that, the simple interface of the website and other aspects of BetOnline make it suitable for beginners and professionals at the same time. Software is described by professionals as one of the best also. However, considering negative reviews and issues in the past we must recall some issues with online poker table players. Seems like these issues have disappeared, anyway.


Bet365 is considered to be the leading sportsbook in the global betting industry and basketball bettors community. Recently the NBA has started its cooperation with Bet365 by signing a deal and officially becoming partners. Moreover, a few months ago Bet365 has introduced an Early Payout offers for NBA bettors which seemed a real surprise for Basketball fans all over the world. Moreover, they have launched a function of free $100 deposit for newcomers to the platform. Along with this, the Bet365 has pretty fast and credible payment software, reviews, and deposit\withdraw options.


Leovegas betting platform might be considered as a young betting platform that has been launched quite recently, back in 2011. Despite this fact and “youth’ of the website it has won popularity and bettors’ hearts all over the world. All of the aspects of the platform like software, credibility, the safety of financial transactions are on top. Moreover, another admirable feature about Leovegas is an incredible amount of additionally implemented functions like online casinos, poker games, classic slots. It’s more than 1500 of them and this number constantly grows! Along with that, each bettor has a chance to try it for free before officially making a deposit which is awesome!


Fanduel basketball betting platform is known to be one of the friendliest betting websites in terms of customer interface and other important functions. Also, it might be considered as the perfect chance to get acquainted with online basketball betting for newcomers. The first thing that catches an eye while getting acquainted with a website, is the simplicity of the user interface along with a possibility of a free betting on $500. However, Fanduel online betting site accepts all types of currencies except for cryptocurrencies which might be a minus for new technologies admirers. 

To sum up, all mentioned above, the best choice for newcomers as well as for professional bettors is to get acquainted with each platform, its aspects like interface, speed, and credibility of payment options, software, ratings and many more. It is appropriate to get a free trial and compare all of them. However, if you don’t have time and willingness for this it is better for you to rely on our trustable resource.

How to Bet on the NBA season?

It is important to get deeper into the tactics and available strategies of basketball betting accepted in the industry. However, it is easier to see the list of basketball betting options proposed by our professionals.

The first option in making NBA championship odds is Moneyline Betting. It is pretty easy to comprehend because the first thing you need to do is to bet on a team that is expected to win. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Underdogs are less likely to win, however, there’s always a chance! Surely, according to sportsbook prognosis winners are most likely to bring you profit. The system that describes a potential winner is a bit controversial, however. The team that is expected to win is described with a minus (-) sign while an underdog with a plus (+). A little bit unusual, don’t you think so?

Totals Betting

Totals are also tremendously popular in terms of basketball betting. The strategy is also simple, the bettor needs to choose the scoring amount of basketball match proposed by the oddsmaker. It can be Over or Under the proposed number. For example, in case the number is proposed on 170 points and your predictions were also the 170 it is called PUSH and your deposit will be refunded. 

Parlays Betting

Parlays Betting has a compilation of few betting types on one odd ticket. However, it is a bit risky type of betting. It can be combined with Moneyline betting or at least two totals with a point spread.

Live Betting

Live Betting gives bettors to make bets on every game while the play is going on! It adds an amazing feeling of unpredictability.

Futures Betting

This type allows bettors to make predictions on games at the end of the season. As in Prop Betting, you can decide some specified aspects and details to bet on.

Payment, deposit, and withdrawal functions

Today’s betting market proposes customers an incredible diversity of payment systems to deal with. Each of them has some indisputable pros and cons. Some have a high level of encryption but lack customer service, some are fast in terms of deposit and withdraw and some are not. However, the number of available payment options is pretty the same on every baseball betting website. These items include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. They are already implemented into software and might be distinguished by the speed of financial transactions, security level, credibility, ratings, and many more. Hopefully, our article will help you to select the appropriate baseball betting platform to enjoy your favorite team winning along with a real money prize earning!