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nfl playoff standings

Week 15 is done, and with 14 days remaining within the season that is regular the NFL playoff is extremely according that is nearly complete the AFC that are current NFC standings.

AFC picture:

1. Ravens, champions, AFC North – Week the Ravens had difficulty this is certainly little the Jets in a division-clinching win to week 15. They are looking great to secure the seed that is home-field that is top through the AFC playoffs, today a gambling establishment game (as well as a head-to-head tiebreaker) through to the Patriots with just a month or more going. Who’s left : at Browns, vs. Steelers

2. Patriots — The Patriots dropped here after losing towards the Texans on Sunday night. They have finally lost two of four games in the stretch that is toughest of the schedule and so they shall play because of the fire of dropping out of this bye spot, too so they cannot manage to dump more in AFC play or. Up next: vs. Chiefs

3. Texans — The Texans finally solved the riddle of the Patriots at the right time, both to keep this seed over the Chiefs and keep a one-game lead into the system on the Titans, whom they still require to test down twice. Up next: vs. Broncos

4. Chiefs — The Chiefs ripped the Raiders after the bye but couldn’t go up following the Texans, who overcome them previously this year, upset the Patriots on Sunday evening. The Chiefs get their New that is England that is very own week is next. Up next: at Patriots

5. Bills — The Bills have strong hold at the top wild-card position as they carry in to help with making the the majority of a schedule that is favorable. The win being big Dallas on Thanksgiving had been huge prior to the routine that is tougher is final-month and they keep pushing the Patriots in the division. Up next: at Ravens

6. Steelers — The Steelers stayed appropriate right here after looking after the Browns in the home on Sunday to additionally their season show. The tiebreaker is supported by them over the Titans because of better conference record. Up next: at Cardinals

Who is able to get here?

7. Titans (7-5); 8. Raiders (6-6); 9. Colts (6-6); 10. Browns (5-7)

The Titans jumped as you’re watching Colts by beating them in Indianapolis. The Raiders neglected to keep price with them by losing to the Chiefs together with Steelers dragged the Browns further down.

That is on their solution?

11. Jaguars (4-8); 12. Broncos (4-8); 13. Chargers (4-8); 14. Jets (4-8)

The Steelers and Titans addressing seven victories hurts almost all their possibilities. Week the Jaguars and Jets suffered losings that are bad 13, whilst the Chargers destroyed to your Broncos.

Whom is out?

15. Dolphins (3-9); 16. Bengals (1-11)

The Dolphins was in fact eradicated despite their win over the Eagles sunday. The Bengals can’t fare better than five victories, which isn’t good enough. They are bad sufficient now, despite a triumph that is lone the Jets on, to secure the choose that is top the 2020 NFL Draft sunday.

NFC picture:

Whom could maintain?

1. Saints — The Saints wrapped up the division title by beating the Falcons on Thanksgiving. They got the bonus linked with 49ers losing and the Seahawks winning on and Monday to jump the following because they keep the head-to-head tiebreaker on the NFC that is West that is new sunday. Now New Orleaans can further sink san francisco bay area bay area in 14 week. Up next: vs. 49ers

2. Seahawks — The Seahawks beat the Vikings on Monday evening to leap up from # 5, keeping the head-to-head tiebreaker on the 49ers after also beating them for the Monday evening. They are able to not allow up once they desire to catch the Saints and stay prior to your 49ers. Up next: at Rams

3. Packers — The Packers rebounded from their loss to the 49ers final week by ripping the Giants on the highway in Week 13. They saw the Vikings lose on to  increase their result in a game title that is full the division monday night. Up next: vs. Redskins

4. Cowboys — The Cowboys have simply a one-game lead too as the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Eagles after losing to the Bills in the home on Thanksgiving. They’re fortunate the Eagles also lost in 13 to the Dolphins week. Should the Cowboys hold on and win the machine once once again, they truly are usually stuck with this seed that is specific fading behind the Saints and Packers and attaining lost to both groups. Up next: at Bears

5. 49ers — The 49ers lost an AFC game to the Ravens on Sunday due to their second beat associated because of the season. They fell away from first location with all the Seahawks beating the Vikings on night monday. San Francisco needs to beat New Orleans in 15, or it’ll risk having to be on the way for the playoffs week. Up next: at Saints

6. Vikings — The Vikings stay here as soon as they destroyed towards the Seahawks on Monday night, now a complete game and head-to-head tiebreaker behind the winning Packers within the unit. They are now only 1 game up about the Rams for this spot that is second is wild-card. Up next: vs. Lions

Who will get there?

7. Rams (7-5); 8. Bears (6-6); 9. Eagles (5-7); 10. Buccaneers (5-7); 11. Panthers (5-7)

The Rams walked straight back to the wild-card race with a get that promotion the Cardinals. The Bears remained semi-hot having a victory on Thanksgiving. The Eagles hurt their NFC East opportunities and the Panthers hurt their slimmer wild-card opportunities with specific losings which are bad groups being week that is bad.

That is on the means out?

14. Redskins (3-9)

The Redskins stayed alive in the NFC East race with a win over the Panthers and the Eagles and Cowboys losing, however they start a division that is genuine.

That is away?

12. Lions (3-8-1); 13. Cardinals (3-8-1); 15. Falcons (3-9); 16. Giants (2-10)

The Lions and Falcons were eradicated with their losings being respective the Bears and Saints on Thursday. The Giants and Cardinals were eliminated use that is making of losings that are specific the Packers and Rams on Sunday.






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