Odds to Win the NBA Western Conference: Clippers and Lakers Ready to Take the Leap

The NBA’s Western Conference has witnessed a huge shakeup at the top and for the very first time in four seasons, the Golden State Warriors are not the favorite to represent the West in the NBA Finals. That distinction??belongs to the Los Angeles Clippers, who left the biggest splash in the offseason by nabbing Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Online sportsbook??BetOnline gets the Clippers as +225 faves to win the Western Conference and advance to their first NBA Finals in business history. Adhering to the Clips are their Staples Center roommates, the Los Angeles Lakers, at +300. Next about the oddsboard are the Houston Rockets (+400), Golden State Warriors (+800) and Utah Jazz (+900) to round out the top . After being fairly insignificant for the past couple of seasons, then the Clippers and Lakers stole the spotlight back and currently have four of the top 10 NBA players to their rosters. These two franchises fully discredited the NBA landscape with their offseason moves and will probably be in the thick of this come playoff time. The Clippers are stacked because they were a 48-win group without Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and did not have to forfeit any roster depth to add these two studs. And while I will praise Kawhi and George as the reasons for why they are the faves, the fact that they can still roll out Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell against opposing minute units makes them very dangerous. In terms of the Lakers, they can’t be disregarded as chopped liver. They will have a very motivated LeBron James, who also missed the postseason for the first time since his second time in the NBA, and now have arguably the best centre in the league in Anthony Davis. But when I needed to make a selection between both teams, I would still have to decide on the Clippers because I am doubtful of the Lakers’ supporting cast. The Lakers had to scavenge through the scrap pile of remaining free agents after carrying out hope for Kawhi to register with them and ended up??settling??on somewhat mediocre players. Don’t get me wrong, I think Danny Green, DeMarcus Cousins and Jared Dudley are great players. But when you stack this up roster versus the Clippers or a number of??the other contenders from the West, I feel like they’re just one injury away to getting this house of cards fall on itself. The reigning Western Conference winners for five consecutive seasons, this will be actually the best cost (+800) that bettors have seen for the Golden State Warriors to win the West in a long time. And personally, I believe they can still easily win their conference since they have Stephen Curry and Draymond Green. Steph is probably going to have a massive season offensively (second-best odds to Acquire NBA MVP) and Draymond remains a beast defensively, therefore I think talk??about the Warriors’ death is a bit premature. The X variables for how far they could go return to if Klay Thompson can come back from his ACL tear and just how nicely D’Angelo Russell meshes using their crime. Thompson isn’t expected back till February or March and if you are the Warriors, then there is no purpose to hurry him back because you need him to get the postseason. As for Russell, I’m actually much higher with this acquisition compared to many and he’ll be an excellent scorer/playmaker to integrate into Steve Kerr’s offense. Russell averaged 21 points a game last year without nearly the quantity of high-end gift in Oakland and I think he could initiate the offense??to take some pressure off Curry and allow him come off displays and unleash the three-pointer. I think that the Warriors in +800 really are a steal and those chances will drop considerably once the season gets underway. The apparent two groups that have good price and??rosters that can contend are the Denver Nuggets (+1000) along with Utah Jazz (+900). Both teams made the playoffs last year and made some roster tweaks that can only aid their odds to make the NBA Finals. The Nuggets flamed out of the next round following a difficult seven-game show with the Blazers however, the??organic growth within the business is difficult to fade, especially with the growth of centre Nikola Jokic into a top-10 NBA player. Jokic directed all centers on assists per game and the Nuggets have depth at every position to produce a deep postseason run. My favorite move was their acquisition of??Jerami??Grant in the Thunder to perform up front with Jokic. Too many times last year the Nuggets were also a casualty of a Paul Millsap defensive miscue and??it cost them against the Blazers. I think Denver’s in an up trend and it would not shock me to see the Nuggets in the top of the Western Conference standings once the season concludes. Compared to the Nuggets, the Jazz made the splashier moves in the offseason by trading for Mike Conley from the Grizzlies and signing Bojan Bogdanovic from the Pacers. Conley will be the Jazz’s best point guard because they traded Deron Williams in 2011. Guard play has been a source of frustration for Utah if they played the big boys in the playoffs ever since this trade. Conley’s shooting and defense doubles down on just what the Jazz do best because they have been one of the best defensive teams in the NBA and they will be a insect to play against. I am not as large on these when compared with the Warriors or Nuggets but I do think they have a fantastic shot to make it into the Western Conference final. Odds as of August 14 in BetOnline

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