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With standard football news refreshes, sport clients can peruse the most recent data on bet advancements, odds and tips identifying with the Premier League. We can offer a scope of odds on the English Premier League, including:

  • Inside and out Winner
  • Assignment Betting
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  • Top Assists Betting
  • Assignment Betting

Premier League Outright 2017/18 Results

As recently referenced, Manchester City were delegated champions in the wake of overwhelming for the majority of the period. Guardiola’s side poor records for most objectives scored, most focuses gained and most away successes. City will take some halting in 2018/19 and past in the event that they can imitate that celebrated crusade.

Most recent Premier League Outright Winner Odds

game have you secured on the English Premier League, incorporating out and out champ odds in the title race. A couple of the main contenders are:

Manchester City – 4/6

Liverpool – 9/4

Chelsea – 8/1

Tottenham Hotspur – 33/1

Arsenal – 50/1

Manchester United – 80/1

Manchester City The Team To Beat In 2018/19?

It is still right off the bat in the season however the most recent Premier League betting markets show the protecting victors as intensely hot top choices to hold the title. Manchester City are the most grounded group in English football by some separation and Pep Guardiola’s men are going to take some halting in their quest for brilliance.

Liverpool are significantly better yet it will take a breakdown on City’s part for Jurgen Klopp’s side to exploit. English Premier League odds show the Reds at 9/4 to win the residential crown just because since the 1989/90 season.

English Premier League – Odds Legend

The English Premier League is the most prevalent games group on earth. Since you’re visiting Odds Shark’s Premier League Odds page, you presumably need some knowledge into how to bet on the most-watched sports relationship on the planet. All things considered, you’re in karma. Here you’ll discover everything from how to comprehend the betting lines to how to decipher the odds.

How about we separate it: You’ll see that there are negative and positive signs in our odds tables. Top picks are recognized by the negative worth sign. Longshots are recognized by the positive worth sign. For instance, a matchup among Fulham and Leicester City could have Fulham recorded at +250 and Leicester at – 105. For this situation, Leicester is the most loved and Fulham is the dark horse. Having this data available to you can help shape your bet. It’s conceivable that the match will end in a draw (tie) and we show this where it says Draw.


For some, Premier League betting fans, the moneyline gives a well known type of betting that is very basic. The moneyline bet expects you to pick one club over the other. Suppose Liverpool is going head to head against Southampton and you trust Liverpool is going to win. Should they win, you would win your moneyline bet. In the event that Southampton wins, at that point you’d lose your moneyline beted. This kind of betting disposes of the vulnerability that goes with aggregates and spread betting. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a stab at aggregates and spread betting, yet in case you’re hoping to make a less complex kind of bet, the moneyline is the best approach.

Aggregate OVER/UNDER

OVER/UNDER, otherwise known as sums betting, offers you the chance to make a bet dependent on the all out number of objectives scored during a match. Prior to each match, the sportsbook sets the numbers allowing you to pick on the off chance that you need to bet the OVER or the UNDER. Here’s the means by which it works: An apparatus between West Ham and Newcastle is set at 4.5. Making a bet on the OVER implies that at least five consolidated objectives must be scored for you to win your bet. Making a bet on the UNDER implies that the all out number of objectives scored must be four or less, else you won’t win your bet.


For the individuals who like to bet on distant occasions, the fates bet is for you. This kind of bet gives you a chance to place bets on potential results of the Premier League. You can make a bet on which clubs will fit the bill for the UEFA Champions League, which clubs will be controlled to the EFL Championship, which Big Six club will win everything, and various different bets. A case of a fates bet would be a bet made on Cardiff City to win the title. You can look at Odds Shark’s Standings page during the season and end of the season games to perceive how your prospects bets are getting down to business. A few people evade prospects bets since they can tie up your bankroll during the season. In any case, Premier League prospects bets are justified, despite all the trouble over the long haul on the off chance that you make key picks that can net you tremendous benefits.

Premier League Predictions 2019/20

Here at Free Super Tips, we bring you Premier League predictions and tips for each and every match of the 2019/20 season. That should cover you for a whole period of Premier League betting!

The Barclays Premier League 2019/20 season gets going on Friday ninth August and class champs Manchester City will hope to win their third Premier League title on the bob under Pep Guardiola.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool will have different thoughts however, as they search for an approach to turn the table on the one point shortage they endured last season.

Could Liverpool at last win that subtle Premier League title?

Manchester United have had a bustling summer as their steady search to improve a waning squad proceeds. Man Utd fans will trust that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can lead them once again into the best four with the assistance of new marking Harry Maguire.

Tottenham broke their exchange record with the marking of Tanguy Ndombele and will intend to complete above North London rivals Arsenal for a fourth sequential season under Mauricio Pochettino.

Chelsea have club legend Frank Lampard in charge and will depend on adolescents, for example, Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Callum Hudson-Odoi to supplant the supernatural Eden Hazard after his transition to Real Madrid.

The recently elevated groups coming back to the top trip for the new season are Aston Villa, Sheffield United and Norwich. It’s been a long hang tight for Aston Villa to come back to the top, however the £120m they have spent in the mid year move window has foreboding echoes to Fulham’s bombed offer at verifying Premier League endurance a year ago.

Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea will be the Premier League’s agents in the UEFA Champions League 2019/20 as Liverpool hope to protect their crown. As usual, we’ll be giving all the most recent Champions League predictions, betting tips, examination and knowledge, so head over to our Champions League expectations area for betting tips on each and every installation.

Arsenal, Manchester United and Wolves will speak to the Premier League in the UEFA Europa League 2019/20. Ensure you keep awake to date with all our Europa League predictions for coordinate expectations and betting tips for each match in the competition.

Premier League Betting Types

Thus, some other Premier League betting tips have to do with explicit Premier League Betting Types. The kind of bet that you spot will figure out what data will be most essential to learn. That implies you will need to know the kinds of bets you can put on this season.

Title victor/inside and out

An out and out victor is a very prevalent kind of bet in numerous games. This is on the grounds that numerous games have a title game that is the peak of the whole season. In this way, the whole season comes down to the last title game.

The English Premier League additionally pursues this kind of arrangement. Groups play each other all through the season to figure out who faces who in the title. What’s more, that implies this is an extremely mainstream Premier League bet.

To put a title champ/through and through victor bet is an exceptionally basic procedure. You simply pick the group that you think will be the inside and out champ. It is that easy to put a Title Winner/Outright Winner bet.

Top 4 place/Champions League capability

Another prominent sort of Premier League bet is the Top 4 Place/Champions League capability bet. This kind of bet is to some degree like the Title Winner/Outright Winner bet. In the Premier League, the main four groups consequently are equipped for the gathering stage at the Champions League.

In this way, a Top 4 Place bet is a beted in a group or groups to fit the bill for the gathering stage at the Champions League. You can put down a bet on which groups you accept will fill each of the four openings. Or on the other hand, you can put down a bet that says you make certain of one group meeting all requirements for the Champions League.

There are a couple of assortments in the kind of Top 4 Place/Champions League capability bets you can put. In any case, it is constantly a smart thought to pursue the Premier League tips from above and look into the group odds consistently as the season advances. Along these lines, you can put down the most educated bets.

Top Goalscorer/Golden Boot

The top goalscorer/Golden Boot champ bet is another well known Premier League bet. This kind of bet is on a specific player and not in a group. Thus, you don’t have to pursue a similar Premier League tips for player bets as you accomplish for group bets.

The Premier League Golden Boot is a football grant that is exhibited yearly to the main objective scorer in the group. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean the player will be on the title group. Thus, the betting odds that you take a gander at for groups may not be as useful when attempting to put a Top Goalscorer/Golden Boot grant bet.

The most a solitary player has won the Golden Boot grant has been multiple times. Along these lines, it is a smart thought to take a gander at past champs when attempting to put down a bet on this honor. That way, you can check whether the past champ is probably going to win the Golden Boot again this year.

Assignment Odds

In this way, ideally, you comprehend the manner in which the Premier League works before you put down your bets. The Premier League has three spots for Relegation each season. These transfer spots are given to the groups that spot eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth, separately.

The eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth spot completing groups are downgraded to the subsequent level, the Championship level. The Championship season finisher victors and the main two groups in that division will at that point supplant the Relegation groups. Along these lines, it isn’t incredible to complete in eighteenth, nineteenth, or twentieth spot.

When putting down transfer odds bets, you will need to ensure you are modern on the odds of the diverse Premier League clubs. At that point, you will have the option to see who isn’t playing just as the others. This learning will assist you with putting down your assignment odds bets.

Premier League Betting Tips

Since you have become familiar with how to be on the Premier League and the kinds of bets offer, you will need all the more betting tips. To augment your odds of putting down winning bets, you will need all the data accessible. Along these lines, here are a few tips for putting down the best bets on the Premier League.

Bet Only When there is Value

In this way, this betting tip may appear to be simple. In any case, many don’t have a clue about the best time to put down bets. In the event that you continue putting down bets in a group that has high odds of winning their games, the payout isn’t to such an extent. This is on the grounds that it is clear that the group will keep on winning games.

In this way, you can investigate various sorts of bets to place to amplify your rewards. The sorts of bets recorded above can be useful to investigate thus. Or on the other hand, you can put down focuses spread bets on dark horse groups.

Remember, putting down bets on groups exceptionally supported to win can in any case payout. In any case, they won’t pay out as much as different bets. Be that as it may, it is still better to put down a triumphant bet than it is a losing one.

Open Accounts with Multiple Operators

Opening accounts with various administrators is an incredible betting tip for all games. There are numerous reasons why. Having accounts with various administrators has various advantages.

One advantage is that you will have betting odds from various sportsbooks to think about. On the off chance that the odds appear the equivalent no matter how you look at it, you can feel progressively positive about the bets you place. Furthermore, you will have the best data accessible.

Another advantage of opening various accounts with numerous sportsbooks is that you get the opportunity to exploit Premier League advancements that might be offered on different online sportsbooks. Furthermore, you will get the chance to exploit the welcome ideas at these different sportsbooks.

Keep Detailed Records of Your Bets

Another incredible tip when betting is to make a point to consistently keep a nitty gritty record of your bets. You need to ensure you are completely mindful of the bets you have put and how they have turned out. What’s more, you will need to ensure you know about any advancements you may have been betting under.

Along these lines, you can gain from the bets you have put. What’s more, you can make a point not to commit any errors in your betting that you have recently made. This will make you a superior bettor at last.

Pursue Football Betting Tips

Presently, the absolute best football betting tips might be out there for you to discover. In this way, you should try to pursue sites and sportsbooks that offer football betting tips. You need to be the most taught bettor that is putting bets.

You can discover football betting tips in numerous spots and can look into articles like this one to discover football betting tips. That way, you can gain from various sources.

Additionally, a portion of the online sportsbooks offer football betting tips on their sites. This is an approach to set their sportsbook separated from the others. Furthermore, it causes it so clients to make the most of their sportsbook more.

Do Your Research

This is maybe the most significant hint you will require when betting on any games. It has been referenced ordinarily previously, however it is critical to do your examination. The most knowledgeable bettor will put down the sharpest bets.

In this way, it is essential to continue checking the odds for the clubs. What’s more, to check the odds for the Premier League players to see who will win the Golden Boot. Moreover, recollect that these odds will change with each game played.

Yet in addition, you will need to ensure you know about any advancements offered for betting on the Premier League. An advancement can get you reward money whether you win or lose your bet, contingent upon the terms and conditions. Along these lines, look into is significant on numerous levels.

Saturday, Nov 23, 2019 – English Premier League Game

TimeTeamSpreadMoney LineTotal Points
7:30:00West Ham-110+255Ov3-109
10:00:00Arsenal-1, -1½+103-192Ov3-112
Southampton+1, +1½-123+460Un3-108
10:00:00Brightonpk, +½+107+230Ov-111
Leicesterpk, -½-127+116Un-109
10:00:00Crystal Palace+1, +1½-103+640Ov3+100
Liverpool-1, -1½-117-250Un3-120
10:00:00Everton-1, -1½-117-250Ov3-110
Norwich City+1, +1½-103+600Un3-110
10:00:00Watfordpk, -½-110-102
Burnleypk, +½-110+220Un-118
12:30:00Manchester City-1, -1½-117-250Ov3, 3½-109
Chelsea+1, +1½-103+660Un3, 3½-111

Sunday, Nov 24, 2019 – English Premier League Game

TimeTeamSpreadMoney LineTotal Points
11:30:00Sheffield Unitedpk, +½-102+235Ov2, 2½-110
Manchester Utdpk, -½-118+121Un2, 2½-110

Monday, Nov 25, 2019 – English Premier League Game

TimeTeamSpreadMoney LineTotal Points
15:00:00Aston Villapk, -½-124+113Ov-110
Newcastlepk, +½+104+240Un-110

Saturday, Nov 30, 2019 – English Premier League Game

TimeTeamSpreadMoney LineTotal Points
7:30:00Newcastle+2+101+900Ov3, 3½-110
Manchester City-2-121-588Un3, 3½-110
10:00:00Burnleypk, -½-111+129Ov2, 2½-102
Crystal Palacepk, +½-109+185Un2, 2½-118
10:00:00Chelsea-1, -1½-129-278Ov3-137
West Ham+1, +1½+109+560Un3+117
Draw +360
10:00:00Liverpool-2+106-476Ov3, 3½+114
Brighton+2-126+825Un3, 3½-134
10:00:00Tottenham-1, -1½+108-200Ov3-120
Bournemouth+1, +1½-128+400Un3+100
12:30:00Southamptonpk, -½-112+124Ov-111
Watfordpk, +½-108+186Un-109

Sunday, Dec 01, 2019 – English Premier League Game

TimeTeamSpreadMoney LineTotal Points
9:00:00Norwich City+½, +1+100+310Ov3, 3½-111
Arsenal-½, -1-120-147Un3, 3½-109
9:00:00Wolves+105+105Ov2, 2½+100
Sheffield United-125+220Un2, 2½-120
11:30:00Leicester-½, -1+109-118Ov2½, 3+105
Everton+½, +1-129+270Un2½, 3-125
11:30:00Manchester Utd-1, -1½-110-244Ov2½, 3-114
Aston Villa+1, +1½-110+520Un2½, 3-106