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Betdaq is the second biggest web based wagering trades on the globe, and one of our top decisions to the extent wagering trades go.

As another client at Betdaq, you can anticipate an invite offer that lessens commissions and you can even keep away from premium charges any semblance of Betfair have introduced.

Get began with Betdaq – look at their most recent advancements for new clients here.

So we are composing a BetDaq audit, yet here’s what we are truly composing “Is BetDaq superior to Betfair?”

That I assume is down to individual preference.

Betfair charges 5% commission, BetDaq charges 2%. So on the off chance that you care a lot about that you’ll go with BetDaq on the grounds that it’s less expensive, yet in all honesty a great many people don’t care.

Betdaq Exchange

We’ve set up together this Betdaq trade survey to present to you an exhaustive diagram of the trade. The UK sportsbook is worked by Ladbrokes International and the internet wagering trade stage is controlled by Exchange Platform solutions.

So, how does Betdaq work? It works flawlessly. That’s in light of the fact that the trade gives littler dangers and magnificent Betdaq chances to punters. Not exclusively does the trade offer a lot of rewards and advancements and an enormous assortment of sports, yet they additionally give world-class client care administration and fantastic client experience.

Let’s get directly into the bare essential now with our audit. Here’s Betdaq explained.

The just thing I can say is that they are not Betfair and that’s a valid justification to open a record and put a few wagers through. Not that there is anything amiss with Betfair, however rivalry is significant and there are just extremely four wagering trades anyway.

  • Betfair
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook
  • BetDaq

They all practically accomplish something very similar, that is offer access to business sectors at somewhat various expenses. They are more similar to stockbrokers than bookies.

You simply like who you like, you’ll most likely have accounts with every one of them and pivot between anything that application is simpler to explore at the time, or whoever takes your fancy.

BetDaq versus Betfair

Now, should you pick Betdaq or Betfair?

They were both established in 2000 and both have good liquidity on mainstream occasions. In spite of the fact that obviously as Betfair is greater, theirs is better.

Both kind of offer fixed chances – Betfair has it’s possess fixed chances stage since it united with Paddy Power. Be that as it may, so does BetDaq since it was purchased out by Ladbrokes.

There is even a Ladbrokes wagering trade, however that’s only a reskinned variant of BetDaq.

And let’s be totally fair here, re-cleaned bookies (or white names) are a piece chavvy. On the off chance that you’re a legitimate games merchant or after a wagering trade to lay off your coordinated wagering wagers you need the correct thing.

What else to BetDaq offer?

  • Multiples
  • Casino
  • Pools
  • Trading Tips

OK, sure everybody offers this now, so I don’t know why you’d open a record with Betdaq and not Betfair on the off chance that you just needed one wagering trade account. Which you more likely than not won’t. So you will.

Both trades work rather correspondingly. The triumphant wagers are dependent upon a base commission charge, however costs are typically much superior to a standard bookmaker.

While this is surely a Betdaq trade survey, we have to consider the contrasts among Betdaq and different trades out there. There are just extremely two contrasts in the Betfair and Betdaq commission structure.

Betdaq commission rates and discounts are commonly increasingly liberal, while Betfair charges a top notch charge and Betdaq doesn’t.

Up as of not long ago, Betdaq offered as meager as 2% on wagers, which is incredible if you’re turning over not too bad volumes. They likewise routinely offer money back to clients that utilization the site’s exchanging instruments (you simply need to make sure to select in to take advantage).

So, once more, we ask, Betdaq or Betfair? All things considered, Betfair doesn’t truly offer anything to its dependable punters. The exchange’s premium charge is taken from winning clients on Wednesdays, and it begins at 20%, going as far as possible up to a stunning 60%. We realize that Betfair overwhelms the online trade advertise, which is presumably why they can pull off it – for now.

Overall, the two trades have their employments. The greatest concern we have with Betfair is that excellent charge, which you can keep away from by utilizing Betdaq.

Betdaq versus Smarkets

Betfair might be a major ordeal to punters, yet Betdaq and Smarkets aren’t a long ways behind, with rather comparable contributions that will be natural to regulars at Betfair.

When we take a gander at Betdaq or Smarkets, we have to consider what’s on offer. By and large, advertise for showcase, Betdaq has a superior range on offer, covering everything from golf, cricket and tennis to greyhound dashing, darts, ice hockey and everything in the middle. Smarkets, then again, is the main market to cover handball however has a smaller choice as far as steed dashing, football, boxing, cricket, rugby and motorsports.

What about Betdaq or Smarkets for different kinds of betting?

Well, Smarkets appears to like its governmental issues, offering everything from chances on the following Prime Minister to when Donald Trump could be impugned. Betdaq sticks to sports, yet there is an online gambling club offering which we’ll get to in a bit.

As for commission rates, the two markets charge 2% on your net rewards over their markets.

Betdaq versus Matchbook

Compared to Betfair and Smarkets, Matchbook’s format is a little everywhere. Be that as it may, the plan is fine for what it is.

When it comes to picking between Betdaq or Matchbook, the chances merit discussing. Matchbook’s chances are now and again displayed to three decimal places as opposed to the run of the mill two. It’s to some degree off-putting, however once you become accustomed to it, it just means the coordinated wagering number crunchers may well give you a precise outcome, as opposed to being a penny or so off.

What about Betdaq or Matchbook as far as highlights? Matchbook, we think, does not have a few highlights, especially a cashout alternative, rendering it not an especially feasible choice for some punters.

Overall, it’s the absence of soundness that allows Matchbook to down. Clients have recently grumbled of equalizations appearing at zero, wagers being dropped and a scope of specialized difficulties.

Betdaq Commission

BetDaq commission rates and offers

Since the littler players like Smarkets and Matchbook have entered the market attempting to win business with limited commissions of 1.5% BetDaq has brought down their bonus rate from 3% to 2%. That’s about comparable to it’s going to get from a significant trade like BetDaq. BetDaq offers money back and commission specials on specific occasions. By and large BetDaq’s mix of brand, liquidity and 2% commission make them the reasonable champ with regards to sports brokers trade betting.

Betdaq has been going hard and fast to pull in punters by offering lower commissions and boosting their welcome offer. The Betdaq commission rates are truly fair, and you can even get your first months’ bonus back as cash.

Let’s investigate the Betdaq commission rates 2018.

As I referenced, littler players like Matchbook and Smarkets attempt to win business with commissions of around 1.5%. Be that as it may, the Betdaq trade commission has been dropped from 3% to 2%. They additionally offer money back and Betdaq commission rates specials on specific occasions. Thus, their blend of liquidity and a respectable 2% Betdaq commission rate, alongside quite better than average Betdaq charges makes them a reasonable victor in the games trade market.

The trade even offers 0% commission on qualified new punter’s initial 30 days’ worth of bets.

Betdaq Offers

Betdaq gives some truly better than average offers, yet it is the Betdaq Welcome Bonus that truly separates it from different trades. With the reward, new punters who register can get up to £/€25 in free wagers, which is liberal all alone, however there’s likewise a healthy Betdaq new client offer of half of the exchange’s commission up to an incredible Betdaq £/€1,000 money back.

But, Betdaq doesn’t simply stop at the Betdaq information exchange offers. Truth be told, punters are urged to check in consistently for every day rewards and match wagering on virtual games and races where you can get £/€10 when you wager £/€10. There’s even an appealing Betdaq starting idea at the online gambling club where you can get £/€30 on club games.

Betdaq Free Bet

How to guarantee a BetDaq free bet

BetDaq doesn’t truly offer free wagers, what they offer rather is money back on commission. On the off chance that you need a free wager from BetDaq you’re better of asserting a free wager from a conventional bookie who has much better offers. On the off chance that you are a coordinated better you can utilize this commission money back to build the edges on laying bets.

At the hour of composing, however, there were a couple of free wagers on offer. The trade normally refreshes its contributions, however at the hour of composing this survey, bettors could guarantee the Exchange Promotion where they remain to get a free wager up to £/€20.

There’s likewise a Betdaq €/£25 free wager and, when you lose on a virtual games wager, Betdaq vows to discount your stack back as a free wager of up to £/€10 to be utilized on other virtual games wagering markets on the site. Long-lasting punters ought to likewise look at the mid-week products offer where you can get £/€10 free wagers every week you put down numerous wagers of £/€100 or more.

As for how to utilize free wagers at Betdaq, things couldn’t be simpler for new punters:

  • Click on “Bet Now” at the highest point of the page
  • Choose the advancement you’re keen on and click on the “Learn More” link
  • You’ll be coordinated to the enlistment page to join if you’re another player
  • Enter the advancement code
  • Deposit assets into your record and start playing with your bets!

Other Promotions

At Betdaq, all clients wager £/€10, get £/€10.

There’s likewise a luring ITV dashing reward where you remain to get a £/€20 help on your net rewards. Don’t neglect to check in with the trade consistently for new advancements, which are refreshed regularly.

Betdaq Casino

The Betdaq club for the most part utilizes programming intended for gambling club table games. The choice of games in the live gambling club segment is little and for the most part rotates around roulette and blackjack. In any case, you can play the games both on work area and cell phones and there are right around 50 in-house created games for you to pick from.

The Betdaq Casino Welcome Bonus is wagered £/€10, get £€30. It’s a decent Betdaq reward for new players, which means you can get £/€30 only for wagering £/€10.

Betdaq Mobile

Whether you’re anxious to play Betdaq versatile cricket, or simply thinking about whether there’s a Betdaq portable download for you to use in a hurry, you’re in luck.

Does BetDaq have an App and what’s the BetDaq application like?

Yes, there is a BetDaq application on iOS and Android. You gain admittance to similar markets that are on the web and it’s a genuinely steady option in contrast to the Betfair application for trackside activity. You can download it from the application store, around 35,000 clients. So nice enough for laying and sponsorship wagers through mobile.

Should you simply utilize the BetDaq portable site instead?

To be reasonable however, the portable site is similarly as great and now and again, I really incline toward utilizing versatile destinations as opposed to apps.

The Betdaq trade application offers essentially a similar usefulness as the work area adaptation. While Betdaq for iOS is to some degree essential and ailing in key highlights, you can in any case make wagers during Betdaq in-play on the Betdaq portable webpage and play at the site’s online casino.

Betdaq Markets and Liquidity

Now, let’s talk Betdaq liquidity 2018. Regardless of whether you are a pony hustling enthusiast or football insane, or like a ripple on greyhound dashing, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re a significant high stakes punter, you probably won’t be excessively satisfied with the measure of cash accessible to back and lay on specific occasions, and that’s when you might need to consider Betdaq as your auxiliary exchange.

However, the greater the occasion, the greater the pony hustling liquidity, greyhound dashing liquidity and other market liquidity. It’s when you start glancing through the less well known markets that you may discover issues, for example, attempting to get bigger bets matched.

The trade has as of late added the chance to put products on its site, which isn’t entirely of the trade, yet at the same time a not half bad option with profoundly focused odds.

As for the business sectors on offer, you will find:

  • Virtual sports
  • Baseball
  • Aussie rules
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Rugby

.Rugby League

  • F1
  • Horse racing
  • Greyhound racing
  • Football
  • Ice hockey
  • Golf
  • NFL
  • MMA
  • Snooker
  • Tennis and much more

Security and Regulation,

At Betdaq, security is tight. Your card subtleties are encoded when storing cash, and the safe installment specialist organizations incorporate Allied Irish Bank and PaymentTrust. Safety efforts are consistently looked into, as well, to guarantee the most noteworthy and most impenetrable levels possible.

Funds in your record are held by a confided in organization which ensures your cash and jelly the exchange’s integrity.

Betdaq is directed by the British Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, making this a safe wagering trade to use.

Payment Methods, Withdrawals and Deposits

When it comes to Betdaq store strategies and withdrawal alternatives, there are some conventional decisions, including the typical charge and Visa choices alongside well known e-wallets. There’s additionally a 0% charge on Irish and UK check cards, while Visa clients acquire a 1.5% charge on all stores. There’s no charge on e-wallet Betdaq store methods.

Once you register, you’ll have the option to store reserves. With respect to Betdaq store limits, they’re a sensible £5,000 every day, and there’s a Betdaq least store prerequisite of £10. You can likewise ask client support to expand your store limit.

Best of all, there are no withdrawal fees.

Customer Service

Now, on to Betdaq client support – a help that regularly represents the moment of truth a site. Luckily, it’s an approval for Betdaq proprietors who furnish a Betdaq live choice alongside a telephone number you can get hold of the group on, which is 08701781 012. This is the UK contact number. Irish punters can call 01 673 3360 when they need assistance. You can likewise email the Betdaq client support group at [email protected]

Betdaq Tips Check

What are BetDaq tips like?

In hypothesis, they ought to be better. It’s somewhat odd when ordinary bookies give wagering tips since they profit when you lose wagers. So definitely there is a monstrous irreconcilable situation there. Be that as it may, wagering trades make cash on commissions from winning wagers. So it bodes well from them to help out you out a bit. BetDaq wagering tips are adequate, however on the off chance that you need some legitimate measurable investigation you are in an ideal situation going with somebody like Stratabet and after that exchanging through Betdaq.

While the tips aren’t the best, we need to recall that wagering trades do make cash on commissions from your triumphant wagers, so it just bodes well that they do help out you out, if just a bit. Betdaq’s wagering tips are really normal, yet the site likewise runs Trading Tools where, in the event that you need to improve as a dealer, you’ll find all that you need in that spot. There’s additionally a genuinely respectable tips area for virtual wagering that you may discover handy.


We’d state that Betdaq has worked superbly at keeping a hold on its reality class notoriety as one of the greatest internet wagering trades on the planet. Be that as it may, there is consistently opportunity to get better. The market contributions, however, are broad, and the absence of withdrawal expenses alongside luring rewards and advancements implies we give this trade the two thumbs up.