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At The Sports Geek, we cater to sports bettors of all skill levels. If you’re brand new to sports betting, we’ve got beginner’s guides, how to’s, and strategy articles specifically tailored to you. They’re easy to understand and written in a language that is simple to digest. Instead of throwing you head-first into the deep end, we ease you into one concept at a time.If you’re an advanced or professional sports bettor or an aspiring one, we’re here for you as well. Below, you’ll find an extensive collection of advanced strategy guides organized by sport and bet type. Additionally, we have free daily expert picks for all major sports and some additional resources that we think will bring you a lot of value.Whichever of the above categories you fall into, The Sports Geek hopes to be a home for you and your sports betting needs. We update our resources, picks, and guides daily to offer you the most up-to-date and real-time sports betting help available on the web. If you are ready to take your sports betting career to the next level, the content below is your ticket there.

Getting Started in Sports Betting | Beginner’s Guides and Resources

For those of you that are new to sports betting or if it’s been a while since you’ve made a bet, this is where you’re going to want to begin today. Below, you’ll find our extensive collection of guides and resources dedicated to those that might be new. The second-worst thing you can do in sports betting is to make bets that you don’t understand. The worst thing you can do in sports betting is to continue to make those bets and let your ego block you from taking the time to learn and get better.These guides and resources are written in a way that you can ease yourself into the world of sports betting. Often, if you ask someone to teach you about sports betting, you are lost 10 seconds in as soon as they start rattling off random lingo about parlays and if bets, and you learn nothing. While those friends mean well, they lack one thing – the ability to teach.The articles below have been written by expert sports bettors who also have the ability to teach. They know how to present these complex concepts in a way that anyone can understand. They won’t overwhelm you with jargon and math to prove how smart they are. What they want to prove is that they can teach sports betting to anyone. If you’re ready to see what they can do for you, start reading through the links we have provided for you below. 

Sports Betting Strategy | By Sport

Often, people ask what the best sport to bet is. The answer is always going to be the sport you have the most knowledge in. If you watch 40 hours of NFL football a week, should you bet NASCAR? Probably not unless you put in the work to learn a new sport. Whether you’re looking for knowledge on a sport you already know, or you are making that left turn to learn a new sport, we’ve got you covered.Below, you’ll find an exhaustive collection of guides, articles, and how-to’s for every major betting sport in the world. Click on the sport that you want to learn more about, and you will be taken to a section fully dedicated to everything that sport. We’ll show you the best places to bet, the types of bets you can make, our expert picks, and sport-specific beginner and advanced strategy guides.Check back often, as we are always updating our resources for each sport. 

Sports Betting Strategy | By Bet Type

While some sports bettors specialize in a particular sort, others become experts in a particular type of bet. As this is fairly popular, we wanted to collect strategy resources and organize them for you by the different types of bets. Below, you’ll find links to dedicated strategy guides for all of the most popular types of sports bets as well as some of the more obscure bets.These guides are great for beginners as well as advanced bettors. If you’re a beginner, we’ll walk you through what you need to understand about each type of bet and how to go about making one. Once you master that, you can join the advanced bettors for the strategy sections where we break down each type of bet. We’ll share our expert strategies, tips, and tricks for mastering these different types of bets.

Advanced Sports Betting Strategies

If you’ve been sports betting for a while or have already worked through all of our beginner’s guides, you may be ready to check out our advanced betting strategy guides and articles. While sports betting always boils down to finding value and picking winners, there are several advanced concepts that can help increase your chances of winning and turning a profit.Below, you’ll find a collection of these concepts, strategies, tips, and tricks. Take your time with these guides and articles. The only thing worse than not understanding or utilizing these is misunderstanding them and incorrectly applying them to your betting. Check back often, as we are always adding new content to this section. 

Our Expert Sports Picks

Free access to expert sports betting picks iFs pretty unheard of. Typically, you might get one teaser every week or month, but that’s really all you can expect from quality handicappers. Well, we’re not everyone else. We give you completely free access to all of our experts’ daily picks for every major sport.Not only do they give you the pick they like and the odds they like it at, but they also walk you through how they arrived at this pick. If you’re someone looking to get better at making your own picks, this is a great way to learn. Or, if you’re just looking to make some easy money, feel free to take these picks and bet them right alongside our experts.Picks are released daily with plenty of time to get bets in for the day.

Sports Betting Systems

A lot of professional sports bettors like to develop systems to make their picks. Instead of approaching every game and bet as a one-off, they approach each game the exact same way. This could be a checklist of requirements to bet, a formula to compute and find value, or a complex betting system to beat the books.If you’re looking to add some more structure to your sports betting career, you may want to take a look at utilizing an existing sports betting system or creating your own. The links below will walk you through everything you need to know about sports betting systems. As there are always new systems being developed, check back often, as we will keep things as up to date as possible here.

Additional Sports Betting Guides and Articles

The joy of learning about sports betting is that there is such a vast amount of knowledge that you can learn to help turn a profit. At times, though, this knowledge doesn’t fit neatly into one of our above categories. That’s certainly no reason for us not to share that information with you!Below, you will find all the guides, articles, and resources that we couldn’t get organized above. These articles will span all sports, all bet types, and be great for beginners and for advanced bettors. Make sure you’re checking back often because there is a lot of gold being added here regularly, and you’re not going to want to miss out on any of it. The more you learn about sports betting, the better your odds are going to be of success. We hope you enjoy all of our sports betting articles and if you have any questions or want to suggest a new topic for us to write about you can contact us.