Daily Fantasy Sports (also known as DFS) is blowing up, and for great reason – it is a ton of fun.  I’m still a sports bettor at heart, but I love the DFS action as well.Daily Fantasy Sports is almost what the name says – you are playing fantasy sports, but instead of the season long competitions you are playing for just a single day (or week for football).  Scoring is similar to the year long fantasy leagues, but in DFS the winners are paid out daily/weekly.The big payouts is what makes DFS exciting, as you can watch football on a Saturday and Sunday and have a chance at winning $1 Million from a $20 entry.  Even if the odds of winning are like a lottery, it still makes the game really exciting!

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Sites:

#1 – DraftKings

Easily my top rated DFS site is DraftKings.  If you haven’t heard of them yet you will soon, as they’ve been spending an insane amount of money on their marketing.  It seems like every sporting event I watch I see the DraftKings logo.  They payout millions of dollars weekly and have some of the biggest tournaments in the industry. I love their mobile app (iPhone app for me) as it is very easy to use and allows you to follow your contests on your phone – showing you how much money you’re currently winning.

#2 – FanDuel

The easy number two in the DFS world is Fan Duel.  These are the only two fantasy sites you will see me recommend here, unless things change, as they are way above the competition in my opinion.  I don’t play at FanDuel as often, but they offer some great tournaments and large payouts as well.  Some of their promotions hooked me in, such as the trip to the Playboy Mansion.  Scoring is a little different than at DraftKings, and there are something that I don’t like (for example having to roster a kicker in NFL contests) but overall it is a solid DFS site to play at and I recommend having an account there as well.

Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy:

In Week 2 of the 2015 NFL season I won over $100,000 and a seat to the Fantasy Football Championship! Check out the video below…

DraftKings NFL Strategy – In this article I go over my Top 10 strategies for DFS NFL at DraftKings.  This includes what positions to focus on, how to utilize the late-swap feature, and how to use the Vegas betting lines your favor.DFS Bankroll Management – Managing your money when playing Daily Fantasy Sports is essential if you want to be a winner long term.  In this article I talk about what a bankroll is, how to determine your own bankroll, and how you should be using that bankroll to help you make money playing DFS.DraftKings NBA Strategy – This guide covers my top 10 DraftKings NBA strategies to help you win more money throughout the season.  This is somewhat of a beginner guide, but there are some strategies in there that will help guys with experience playing DraftKings NBA as well.DraftKings PGA Strategy – PGA golf can be one of the best type of contests to play at DraftKings, as you get to enjoy it for a full action packed four days. In this article I’ve invited DFS expert, Evan Cheney, to talk PGA DraftKings strategies.DraftKings MLB Strategy – DFS baseball is one of the most entertaining sports to play and watch throughout the summer months.  There are usually 10-15 games per night, and with two pitchers going in your lineups there is always action to follow.  Check out these DraftKings MLB strategies and tips to help you win more.DraftKings NASCAR Strategy – While not one of the most popular daily fantasy sports out there, NASCAR is a lot of fun at DraftKings and there are some big prizes to be won.  Check out this DraftKings NASCAR strategy article that goes over some basic tips and strategies.

DFS Videos:

Types of DFS Contests:

There are two main categories of DFS contests – Tournaments and Cash Games.Tournaments, also referred to as GPPs (for Guaranteed Prize Pools), are the contests with a higher amount of entries and the prizes front loaded to the higher place finishes.  For example 1st place will be rewarded a large % of the prize pool. In most cases the top 15-20% get paid out.Cash Games is a poker term that has made its way over to DFS.  These refer to the head-to-head contests, double up and triple up tournaments, and 50/50 contests. These are the contests where roughly 45-50% of the entries get paid out, but you only win about double your entry (or triple in the triple up).  These are less risky, but provided lower upside if you have a top lineup.The DFS rule of thumb for those who are looking to make a consistent income from Daily Fantasy Sports is to play at least 80% of your buy-ins in the cash games, which are generally more EV+.   This is also known as the 80/20 DFS rule.If you’re like me, and would rather just go for the big score instead of grind out smaller profits, you can forget about that 80/20 and play in more tournaments hoping to get lucky.I made a video on the difference between GPPs and Cash Games that you can watch below:We will continue to grow this DFS section of The Sports Geek.  Feel free to give us feedback or suggestions on what type of content you’d like us to produce.