You Can Bet on Whether Baker Mayfield Keeps the Preseason ’Stache

The biggest mystery at Cleveland Browns training camp might not be whether the team can climb above the .500 mark for the first time as 2007. Instead, the attention in Browns camp has shifted to quarterback Baker Mayfield’s new??mustache.?? When asked by reporters at Browns camp whether he was having fun with his new mustachioed look, Mayfield gave a cryptic answer for the rationale behind it.?? ” Perhaps you’ ll find out, perhaps you won’ t,'” Mayfield told me. ” I don’ t know. That’ s the elegance of having a mustache. You simply don’ t know what’ s going to happen.” ?? The big question remains, will the talented quarterback maintain the mustache for the foreseeable future or would he ditch it? You can now bet??on Mayfield’s facial hairstyle??and whether he’ll continue to keep his current??appearance in Week 1??of the regular season.?? With +110 odds, the mustache-only look is your preferred. Appears that Mayfield have??sported before –??complete beard (+175) and??clean-shaven??(+300) — additionally feature powerful chances. If Mayfield goes complete Smash Mouth and sporting a soul patch or stones a chin strap, bettors are looking at +3000 odds.

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